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About Saskia







Since I can remember I felt that I was here

for a reason

I wanted to help animals and people. Doing something good for the world!

Every Woman

has this inherent sense of

significance, passion and purpose

A desire to live in conscious peace, to love your life and your work.

Not only living for yourself but to be valuable to others as well.

You are not designed to live in anyone's shadow.

The FUEL and the LOVE to breakthrough is inside of each and one of us.

We just need to


to the TRUE LOVING PURE BEINGS that we are.


My journey to TRUE RECONNECTION came from a deep loss. 

At the age of 30, I lost my father - my hero, my mother - my inspiration, and a few years before my beloved 22 year old cousin, who felt like my brother. The loss I experienced was excrutiating and changed the course of my life.


Through the pain I had to reach deep inside and find a way to rebuild. Rise from the ashes.

Only the soft

feminine power

& surrender

were healing

I had to stand up and learn to trust again and surrender myself to life. Loving myself and celebrating life everyday. It's my mission to guide you in: stand up for yourself, in you being a woman, completely, knowing yourself, loving yourself and being aware of your uniqueness, what you bring to the world! 

A healing and valuable journey to yourself, your beloved ones and others.

Now I know that life is all about harmony & balance. That women find greatest alignment when they are reconnected with who they truly are: gentle, kind, soft and pure joy! From there, women feel empowered within themselves and attract healthy support and protection by their own masculine and the men in their lives. 



are powerful guides in this reconnection and alignment the

power of the alive and kicking feminine


I have had the gift of communicating with horses since a young age.

HORSES are the mirrorS of YOUR FEMININE soul

When properly guided to connect with a horse, you gain a tremendous compass to your true SELF. 

Together with my beautiful horses I reconnect you with your body, your feelings and senses, with who you truly are. With your deepest desires and all the beauty that is inside and wants to come out!

To design your life for tremendous

happiness, joy





"A horse is the projection of your dreams

the graceful animal will show you who you truly long to be"

- Saskia Wirsking