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work with me





Beautiful, powerful woman

I see you, I feel you & I know you


  • a sensitive woman, working hard and down the lane you lost contact with your joy, your desires, the magic of life...
  • conscious, courageous, committed and yearning for freedom, sparkle and fulfillment
  • you are very successful, yet a piece is still missing, you have the feeling that there is more...Yes there is!!


  • to free yourself from everything that no longer serves you
  • to experience freedom, sparkling and joy every day: to feel alive!
  • what fullfills you most and is real significant in your life
  • to work with a professional & be close to nature to reconnect with yourself


to help you reconnect with the powerful woman that you are!

Together with my horses, I will guide you back to your soft and feminine power and help you experience surrender, receiving and being supported. Exposing and freeing your true nature is healing for yourself, your beloved ones and your business.


I'm here to support you in standing up in you being a woman: free yourself from old beliefs, knowing yourself, loving yourself and be aware of the tremendous and unique gift you are to the world!! Women globally NEED to be permeated of their VALUE to the world!!


At the same time it is urgent to see the value of men in our lives. When we stand up in our feminine full power and take full responsibility, and FEEL our own VALUE in every cell, we will give men a big gift: they can stand up in their male power and do what they love most: support, protect, take a stand.



Receive lifelong lasting results in working with me and my horses. 

  • reconnect with your source of joy, lightness, innocence, enjoying, shining, life source, life energy
  • occupy and own your space, stand up for what you believe in
  • gain a deeper connection with yourself and from there a deeper connection with your relationships
  • come in contact with your body, what you feel and your needs
  • free old beliefs and feel more free & happy
  • learn how to trust your intuition again
  • go with the flow much easier, everything goes with ease and grace
  • discover again and experience more deeply what it means to you to be a woman
  • feel more fulfilled and have more focus on what's important to you
  • experience flow and freedom!


The added value of horses is:

You will not only know all this in your head, but also feel it and experience and anchor this new

experience in your body: this is no trick, you will


what you learned and experienced with me and the horses:




What makes working with horses so powerful?

They are pure, unconditional, have no judgement, they touch your heart and go to your core right away. In contact with a horse you EXPERIENCE with all your senses: your mindset, feelings and behaviour really changes and the effort is lifelong lasting.


Why work with me?

Crazy most of the time (only serious on occasion), laughs a lot, loves Latin dance and experience in that full surrender, being sensual and feeling a complete woman. Dances trough life. Experiencing and living my true soft, sensual and female power. 

Blessed with a very strong intuition, tap into your energy and working on different levels: body, mind, soul, feeling, energetic body and field. To free the beautiful, sparkling and sensual woman within you who wants to come out!!

So honored to be here for you.